City Smart Parking App

PROBLEM | Washington D.C. is known for its to be a city were access to regular street parking is like looking for a needle in the haystack! Limited parking options and ever fewer street spots with narrow time slots, cause a daily domino effect of transportation and traffic issues for commuter for both D.C. locals and DMVers who work or travel in D.C.!

PROCESS | Conducted thorough qualitative and quantitive UX research with a (hypothetical) team interviewing different categories of people who drive and park in D.C. Brainstormed and came up with a solution; City Smart Parking App that would allow user to pick-point, seamlessly monitor, and save an open street parking space while being given driving directions to the spot through user-friendly and driver-safety features! Conducted further research with focus groups and feedback workshops to improve functionality.

OUTCOME | A UX report with deliverables including personas, service blueprints and a journey map! Entailing some features from app download and registration to payment on the app’s platform!

UX Report & Initial project proposal