About Me

Hello! My name is Danae Theocharaki, currently based in Washington D.C. as I’m finishing up my master’s degree at Georgetown University in the Communication, Culture and Technology (CCT) program, focusing on daily uses and implementations of AI, UX and HCI, graduating this May!

I’ve been passionate about delving into the intersection of human culture, society, and emerging tech, which I’ve been able to further pursue through my studies and work experiences!

In 2020, I graduated from Davidson College in North Carolina where I majored in Anthropology and Digital Studies, with an interest in East Asian Studies. During my time at Davidson I tried to find and noticed similarities in my two main areas of study as technology and culture are deeply connected and a reflection of each other. I really wanted to hone-in on the middle ground between human culture and applying that into real life technology and vice versa.

While at CCT I’ve focused on the uses of daily AI, primarily focusing on smart devices that we use on a daily basis, such as IPAs like Siri and Alexa, smart health and medical devices as well as the experience and interactions between users and “machine”, with various projects ranging from “de-blackboxing” technologies and analyzing the socio-technical systems the evolve within and from them. I’ve also taken courses in corporate communications such as strategic comms for startups and crisis communications.

My work focuses on digital transformations, strategic adaptations and UX research and design, that I have been able to cultivate through my studies and work experiences that have been mostly in the consulting world with Accenture and PwC, working in strategy and technology projects mainly in the banking industry for fintech services and innovation hubs! 

Want to connect? Please feel free to reach out!

Born & raised in Athens, Greece

Have also lived in North Carolina | Tokyo, Japan | Currently located in Washington D.C.!


My senior year, I wrote my thesis was on serial killers, was on serial killers, and looking into what, why and how the U.S. has birthed so many serial murderers, focusing on the anthropological perspective of the effects of pop culture, media, psyco-social implications and more.


Diving into the role of Twitch as a socio-technical system as a socio-technical system for building and supporting inclusive communities! My interest in IPAs with ML and NLP allowed me to focus on the use of AI chat-bots on the Twitch platform both technically and socio-culturaly and translate the meaning behind those interactions to my team and produce an interesting insight into the world of Twitch!



Photo by Danae Theocharaki | Santorini Island, Greece

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